Australia’s trending pity party, the divorce ceremony

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Most of us have heard of Engagement Parties and Wedding Ceremonies, where we celebrate a happy time in our lives, and of course, there is the funeral which is not such a fun time. But in reality, that’s where it needs to end.

They say misery loves company but is it reason enough to have a divorce ceremony? Hell no, you won’t get me to one of these ludicrous events. You don’t need to dwell on the negative and you don’t need to involve others in your negative events.

If you don’t think splitting up and to have to divide your assets with your then other half is bad enough, you can now splurge on a pity party known as a freakin divorce ceremony.

It’s a mere cash in and that’s all it is. Looking at the numbers, divorce rates are high and there is some money to be made.
Don’t be a douche and hold weird fucking events, do what normal people do when a divorce is finalised. Go party like it’s 1999.

divorce ceremony

divorce ceremony

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