Australia’s best fast food fries – ranked in the correct order!

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Kudos to Bruno Bouchet for attempting to rank 11 popular fast food hot fries from best to worst. We’re sorry but if you think Hungry Jacks hot fries are the best your taste buds are out your wahzoo!

Here are a few key points

  • It does not take two months of taste testing to determine the best and worst tasting fries. This causes confusion not a solid opinion
  • Why you would eat McDonald’s fries twice a day for 30 days god only knows. If you were going to subject yourself to something like this at least eat the best fries twice a day.
  • We’re glad that you formed your own personal list, Bruno, however, it’s not reflective of what we or Australian’s actually think!

The correct order of fast-food fries ranked

God Tier Burger Project Lord of the fries
Royalty Tier schnitz Salsas fresh mex Guzman Y Gomez bettys burgers
Pleb Tier McDonalds grilld redrooster KFC
Cat Vomit Tier hungryjacks aporto


Here is Bruno Bouchet’s failed attempt at ranking fries

Bruno Bouchet Failed attempt ranking fries



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