Australian Reptile Park

It’s not just residents that are complaining, but tourists also believe prices are just too high. The reality is that the price hikes the ‘Australian Reptile Park’ has undergone have simply priced themselves out of the market.

The Australian Reptile Park charges a hefty $37 per Adult, compared to just $42 per Adult to visit Taronga Zoo Sydney. Taronga Zoo Sydney is approximately 5 times the size with a whole lot more to offer.

When we brought this issue up with the ‘Australian Reptile Park’, we were told that the ‘Australian Reptile Park’ offers a more personalised experience.

The last time we visited the ‘Australian Reptile Park’ we did not have any such personalised experience and in fact, we’re left to stumble our way around looking for reptiles in what appeared to be empty cages. Also overcrowding around the dingo enclosure, kangaroos, and the crocodiles, leaving us wondering what we were paying for.

We won’t bother mentioning the cafe onsite that is way overpriced, $8 for a stale sandwich, $3.50 for a can of coke and $4 for small hot chips.

If you are looking for an affordable family day out, try Taronga Zoo. We will not be recommending the ‘Australian Reptile Park’ from the experience we’ve had and of course the pricing.

Contact Details

The Australian Reptile Park is located at Somersby on the Central Coast, New South Wales in Australia. It is about 50 kilometers North of Sydney and is just off the Sydney-Newcastle Freeway

Address: Lot 69 Pacific Hwy, Somersby NSW 2250
Phone: +612 4340 1022
Alternate: +612 4340 1022
Email Address: