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Australia Post has had scandal after scandal over the last few years, but their most recent takes the cake.

I’m not entirely sure what the marketing team at Australia Post are exactly thinking. It’s only been one week since a post delivery man was caught peeing off the verandah of a customers home, all while trying to deliver a parcel.

I just received the below email with the Subject line ‘Your delivery, your choice’.

You can’t blame me for immediately thinking ‘Do I have a choice to not have someone peeing off my verandah?’

Australia Post is perceived as fairly low to most Australian’s at this point and nothing has been done to try and change their image.

I feel Australia Posts response to the incident was extremely poor. They are going to remind the postman of the standards Australia Post has. I didn’t actually know they had standards, maybe they could enlighten all Australian’s to exactly what these standards are.

So far I can gather that

  • It’s perfectly fine if Express Post parcels arrive a few days late
  • If there’s a long driveway or you cannot be bothered to walk to the door it’s okay to leave parcels with the neighbours or on the street down the road
  • It’s okay to open peoples parcels and see if there is anything you might want to keep and then claim it as lost
  • It’s okay to redirect a parcel to the longest possible route. If it’s to go from Sydney to the Central Coast, send it to Perth first
  • In regards to toilet breaks ‘when you gotta go, you gotta go’

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