Australia is not a nation of whingers: Harsh reality for Peter Beattie

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In an ironic series of events Commonwealth Games chairman Peter Beattie unleashed a tidal wave of Australian whingeing by whingeing that Australians are a bunch of whingers. Is this guy for real, what a moron!

Yes, the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony was a disaster, and we’re not sure how you could screw it up. Next time just end the ceremony with a picture of the harbour bridge and some scrolling credits like they do in Star Wars.

Australians complain when we expect a higher standard or we’re being ripped off. Australians should never lose sight of making opinions heard and counted. How would organisations improve their offerings if no one complained?

Peter Beattie you are simply just retaliating against Australians who expect better in something that is representing our great country. So do try better next time.

Case in point: the nationwide shutdown of checkouts at Woolworths, while hilarious, caused inconvenience to many people shopping that day. Australians do have a right to be angry and to complain about this. Imagine being told to leave your trolley where it is and get out of the store.

Australians who complained taught Woolworths that they need to handle things like this much better, especially when an upgrade was performed the day before. Let’s also take into consideration Sydney has one of the worlds worst train services and most are still very pissed about this.

Here are a few more things worth complaining about.. how none of the singers, including Samantha Jade, The Veronicas and Anthony Callea was paid to sing at Carrara Stadium. The US PR Agency behind the closing ceremony was paid $46 million. Pretty disgusting and you wonder why Australians complain.

So the next time you hear someone complaining, listen and take it onboard, there may be room for improvement.

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