Aussie Icon Darrell Lea Future Looks Very Bleak

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Enjoying your favourite chocolates and lollies is not exactly easy when you are say, Vegan or are one of the few who has a pork allergy or simply require the product to be Halal.

The irony is that the cheaper supermarket brands are often suitable for Vegan or are Halal (worth checking and asking before consuming).

One of the biggest problems with manufacturers is that they do not correctly state the ingredients on their products. You will often see a product contain Gelatin, but not actually specify if this Gelatin was from Pig or Beef and that can make a life threating decision for some. It’s often easier to not buy the product then it is to ring their consumer advice phone number.

Darrell Lea is one of these offenders, the majority of their range of Chocolates and Lollies use PIG Gelatin and are not Vegan-friendly.

We noticed that on the Darrell Lea website they crap on about using the finest quality ingredients, but we’re sorry if you are still using PIG Gelatin you are in fact using some of the lowest quality ingredients. PIG Gelatin is cheaper to use as opposed to being derived from Beef.

As more people are starting to be aware and going the path of a meat-free lifestyle there are fewer people buying Darrell Lea products because of this. Darrell Lea would also have a hard time in the export market for using PIG Gelatin.

It is in the best interest of the manufactures to state correctly what Gelatin is used and to also update their recipes to exclude Gelatin or use alternative ingredients where possible.

It is sad to see Aussie icon Darrell Lea go down the drain this fast, first it was the closure of all stores and now selling products that a rising rate of people can not eat.

The future of Darrell Lea is written on the wall and looks very bleak. Darrell Lea is Not Halal, and often use Pork Gelatine in their products.

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