Apple’s Retina Display Was Actually Invented By LG

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Most people think that Apple invented the Retina Display, in fact, they did not.
The truth is that LG invented the Retina Display and Apple simply gave the display a name and then trademarked the name.

On November 27, 2012 the US Patent and Trademark office approved Apple’s application and “Retina” is now a registered trademark for computer equipment.

When an Apple product has a Retina Display, each user interface widget is doubled in width and height to compensate for the smaller pixels. Apple calls this mode HiDPI mode. The goal of Retina Displays is to make the display of text and images extremely crisp, so pixels are not visible to the naked eye. This allows displays to rival the smooth curves and sharpness of printed text and immediacy of photographic prints.

These better quality displays have been gradually released over a number of years, and the term is now used for nearly all of Apple products containing a screen, including Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, MacBook, MacBook Pro, and iMac. Apple uses slightly different versions of the term for these models, including Retina HD Display for iPhone 6 and later versions, and Retina 4K/5K Display for iMac.

Retina Displays are IPS Panels or OLED Panels, so when shopping around don’t be fooled when you are looking at a Samsung or LG IPS Panel, it’s the same thing.

Research indicates LG meets about 70% of Apple’s requirements for their displays and is most preferred by Apple. However, Samsung does manufacturer the remainder of the Panels Apple needs.

This does not come as news to us as Apple has very little to do with the manufacturing process of all of their devices.

  • iPhones are manufactured and assembled by Foxconn
  • Displays are manufactured by LG and Samsung
  • Memory/RAM is manufactured by Samsung
  • CPU/Processors are manufactured by Intel
  • Graphic Processors are manufactured by ATI and nVidia
  • Batteries are manufactured by Sony
  • Keyboard, Mouse, and other connectors are manufactured by Foxconn

Apple does not even write the Operating System that sits on a MacBook Pro. The Core/Kernel is BSD Linux.
This is the main reason you cannot purchase the operating system on its own and must be bundled with the hardware.

Linux BSD is open source and developed by the community, so selling a license would land Apple in hot water. Instead, you are given the operating system for free when you buy your overpriced hardware.

Apple Maps data was purchased from Nokia, once again nothing too much that Apple had its hands in.

So what does Apple do?

  1. Apple is a marketing company, not a technology company.
  2. Apple play around with  designs of the MacBook Pro shell/casing
  3. Apple play around with designs of the iPhone shell/casing
  4. Apple invent names and trademark them

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