Anthony’s Seafood & Burgers

We were out for a Sunday morning drive looking for a bit of 4WD action, whether it was a beach or Nation Park really didn’t matter. We passed a sign that said Winner Best Fish Burger, Anthony’s Seafood and Burgers.

We knew we had to stop and try this burger, plus we were getting a little hungry. Up to the nearest roundabout and around we went, right back to Anthony’s Seafood and Burgers.

We could overhear some banter from Anthony and a local about why you won’t find Australian peeled prawns anymore, apparently it comes down to the labour costs to do it, and Chinese labour is so much cheaper. Sad to see but I think I’d rather peel my own prawns.

We ordered 2x of Anthony’s famous fish burgers. It’s freshly grilled wild caught Ocean Barra fillet with our homemade Cajun rub on a fresh damper roll includes avocado, tomato, garden greens, homemade ‘slaw & our own homemade tartare sauce

Of course, like any resounding Australian, we ordered a side of chips. To our delight, they are the old style chip wrapped in butchers paper. These burgers are great, the fish is moist and the burger overall tasty.

We purchased the East Coast Seafood Chowder to go, dinner or a snack. What we didn’t know is that East Coast Chowder is their own brand and made fresh every few days and packaged at the store.

We’d highly recommend buying the East Coast Seafood Chowder and getting some crusty bread from your local bakery. Make sure you heat up the Chowder in a pot and not the microwave.

As for Anthony’s famous fish burger, damn tasty and now a weekly staple. We can see why he won an award for this stunning burger.

Anthonys Seafood

Anthonys Seafoodand Burgers

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Address: 37-41 Avoca Dr, Kincumber NSW 2251
Phone: (02) 4369 1261