Allow Dogs To Accompany Their Owners In Victoria’s Alpine Resorts – #NoPawGetsLeftBehind

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My pup would like to know why she isn’t allowed at Mt Hotham, Falls Creek, Mt Buller, Mt Baw Baw or Lake Mountain?
In the past, some people have said it’s because dogs become aggressive in the snow and will attack people. We know that’s not the case.

Most people think that it’s because these mountain resorts are National Parks, but THIS IS NOT THE CASE either, they are classed as Alpine Resorts.

Some people say it’s to protect the environment, but with $23 million worth of development and over 400,000 winter visitors at one of the resorts in 2018, a few dogs aren’t likely to impact the situation much.

There is no legislative reason that completely prohibits dogs from these destinations.

In fact, it comes down to policies set by each alpine resort board, that makes it prohibitive to many Australians and their furry family members.

With over 60% of Australians now having pets, we are the majority and we need to speak up for things to change.
Some of these policies haven’t been reviewed or accepted public consultation in over 10 years. Kind of sad, when it relates to the management of public land.

We reached out to many of the resorts and some of them responded to the reasons why this is the case.
I believe in public land being accessible to the public and their families.

We have written an article about the situation and started a petition to change, to show the resorts that there is a need for these policies to be reviewed and working positively with user groups can deliver better outcomes for all.

Please help by:
Signing the petition and read the full article about the situation and what is proposed

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