Airtasker is a Sydney-based company which provides an online and mobile marketplace enabling users to outsource everyday tasks. Users describe the task and indicate a budget, community members then bid to complete the task.

Whether it’s cleaning your home, or putting together furniture, just describe a task you’d like to get done, set a budget and you’ll start to receive offers from Airtasker Workers.

On the flip side you can also join Airtasker to find more work, simply set up a profile and start putting in offers on jobs.

Our Experience

We’ve been on Airtasker for about 1 year now and started to use the service again more recently. We’ve found that you really need to pick your jobs and not just go nuts putting in offers for all. Why? Because you waste so much damn time putting offers in to get the jobs.

We’ve won 4 jobs in the last week, the most that we’ve done so far and I’m going to say it was not worth it at all.

The jobs posted and price offered often undermine’s the worker. While you have the option of putting in your own price, the trend is that not many go above what the budget is, plus you are always finding someone trying to undercut everyone else.

Take the fact that the job you are about to do has undermined you, and add the fact that you lose a percentage to Airtasker and add the hours you have used putting in offers on jobs. What you have is a recipe for disaster and third world country slave labour.

One job that was posted was an end of lease clean on an apartment and we had to supply our own equipment and chemicals. The budget was $120. We put an offer in for $200 and was rejected telling us that $120 was more than fair enough.

Let’s minus the 15% Airtasker fee, the $20 in petrol used to get to the location and the $30 in chemicals and product we would use to the clean the apartment. That leave’s us with $50 to clean an entire apartment that may actually take 3 hours. That’s $16.66 per hour

A lot of jobs are understated and should not be treated on face value. You need to ask questions and ask for photos if appropriate. A rubbish removal job that was posted for $100, when asked we were advised that there was not much rubbish and would fit in the back of a ute.

We arrived on site and found that there was so much rubbish to be removed we needed to do 3 trips to the tip. We used $30 in petrol and had tip fees. Leaving us with $40 for 2 people at 2 hours work. So $10 per hour.

We also want to refer to yet another job posted that is looking for an Assistant for the Day for $50.

Quality of Work / Unlicensed Trades

The majority of the work being done on Airtasker is unskilled labour, so we’re worried when we see jobs being posted looking for a pool fence to be installed and the offer is $1000. That, of course, is including the parts and labour.

Personally, Airtasker is great for some things, but I would not have an air conditioner installed or repaired or my electrical jobs be completed on Airtasker for this reason. There are no license checks and quality checks in place like other platforms, so you don’t really know what and who you are getting.

We can only recommend people use due diligence and ask for qualifications, licenses and other examples of quality work before you engage the Airtasker to do your job.

If it’s home improvements you are looking for, we’d suggest using a more specialised platform such as where license checks and quality checks are taken seriously.

Getting Paid and Is It Worth It

One of the good things about Airtasker is that they act as an escrow service, the person needing the job done is billed before the task is listed on the platform. Airtasker holds on to this money until the job is completed by the person you assigned the job to.

To get paid the person completing the job simply needs to click on the Request Payment button. 1 -3 days later the funds will be transferred into your nominated bank account.

Airtasker takes a 15% fee on every transaction, so it’s worth keeping this in mind when flicking through the jobs available and seeing what’s on offer.

Some jobs can pay well, but we’re yet to see any that have paid off for us. We picked up a job to promote a business on Google. in search and maps, it paid $80. After the job was assigned to us we found out that she did not have a website and was starting to ask about having one built.

We were lucky here that we agreed to build a website for the business under a new task for an agreed amount of money and weren’t expected to build a magic website for $80 plus do SEO work.

We’ve looked into data on how much exactly you can make on Airtasker and it seems there are very few people doing alright.
A small percentage are making $5000 – $15,000 per month. The majority, however, are making anywhere between $5 – $400 per month.

We don’t think Airtasker is viable with the number of hours put into making offers and being accepted for a job, on top of that the low money offered on these jobs. It’s bad for business and the economy.

Video on How Airtasker Works