AdultFriendFinder also known as AFF is run by FFN (Friend Finder Networks). Believe it or not, FFN is the single largest Adult Dating / Sex site on the Internet.

FFN has many spin-off sites that focus on a few selected categories but all connect to the same network. It’s not unusual to speak to someone and they may mention a different website, it’s actually all the same.

The FFN network has approximately 5.5 million users across the world with quite a large Australian user base.

Is it worth it and are there real people on the site?

This is hard to answer, Membership fee’s start at $30 per month, and get cheaper the longer the period of membership you commit to. It’s not often that you will meet the right person within the first month. You will meet people, just not the right person.

There are a lot of time wasters on the site, people who will stuff you around, take a year to meet you, just stop talking or look nothing like they said they did. Then you have some genuine people who are worth building the relationship with.

Adult sites tend to make all women out to be sluts who want your cock and want it now. This, of course, is not true. Most women you will talk to on Adult sites are going to want to get to know you better before jumping into bed.

You also have the problem of working out what to say to get their attention in the first place. Women often get hundreds of messages a day and they’re going to pick out the best messages and delete the rest. You may be the better person with great intentions but it has to show in that initial message and it has to match what they are looking for. You don’t do this by writing back their profile word for word either.

If you are going to join an Adult site you are going to have to make a 3 month to 6 month commitment to be able to have the best chance of meeting someone. Login daily and contact at least 5 people per day.

I’d say is certainly one of the better sites and with so many members you do have a good chance of meeting someone right for you. They continue to do a great job of deleting fake profiles as soon as they come up, and this has helped their image along the way.

You are better off on a paid Adult site then a free site, why? Because the people you are talking to have made a financial commitment to doing exactly what you are doing, looking for someone with similar interests. As a test, we posted on a free personals classifieds site and while we had responses, we were looking at some pretty undesirable people.

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