Ad on Facebook looking for dogs to test a new chemical on

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Be careful what you read and sign up for on Facebook.

We’re dog lovers, and were browsing Facebook and came across a post offering free flea treatment for your dog. We read on to see that it’s convenient that they come to your house, they offer up to $900 gift voucher.

Hmm, too good to be true or an evil plan? The reality is that this is asking people to sign their dogs up to be test subjects to a product that might not have been tested or tested properly. To be honest we’re disgusted that someone would even advertise this.

The Facebook user who posted this ad seemed to have only used Facebook a few times and had one post for Australian Flea Testing.

Please do not contact or sign up your beloved pets to this or any guinea pig test, it is not worth it.

The ad reads

We are offering dog owners a wonderful opportunity to try a brand new product for your dog that covers FLEAS and TICKS for 12 months.
Participate in a study and receive:
– Free flea treatment for your household dogs IN YOUR HOME by a veterinarian
– Up to $900 GIFT VOUCHER for participating
We are running the study from January throughout the Central Coast and would love for you and your animals to participate. We will come to you to administer the product!
There are some criteria you will need to meet:
1. At least one of your dogs have a minimum of 6 fleas
2. You must not have more than five dogs or five animals total (cats and dogs)
3. Your dogs cannot have been treated with a flea product for at least 1 month
Contact me on Facebook, or text/call 0408xxxxxx TODAY if you are interested! Be quick! We have limited spots to fill!



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