3 Apps you should have on your phone during the Australian Bushfires

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3 Apps you should have on your phone during the Australian Bushfires

At the start of the Australian Bushfire season, I realised how ill-equipped I was for it all. There was a rush to clean out the gutters, the debris of dead leaves and bark from the gardens, cutting back of trees and of course an actual escape plan.

It also helped to know what we were dealing with on a day to day basis and not be sitting idle for the fire to be at our fence before we knew.

Here are 3 Apps that you should probably have installed on your phone, I found these to be handy

  1. An App called ‘Fires Near Me’
    The Fires Nears Me App uses GPS to find your current location, and you can set alerts within a radius for multiple locations all over Australia.
    I personally used this to set an alert within 20 km and within 5 km of my location.Android:
    Apple iOS:
  2. IQ Air AirVisual
    With all the fires comes a lot of smoke. This has a direct impact on the quality of the air that we are breathing.
    I avoided heading into Sydney CBD on 3 occasions thanks to this awesome app. 0 – 50 is pretty good.
    Air Quality Index
    Apple iOS:
  3. If you are in NSW you will also want Live Traffic NSW
    The beauty about Live Traffic NSW is that you are able to see what rounds are blocked due to fires, where excessive traffic maybe, the expected delays and any accidents.

    Apple iOS:


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