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In our opinion, Fluid Plumbing is one of the biggest scams and rip-offs going around the Central Coast. 3 months ago we called Fluid Plumbing as our Hot Water t...

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Latina Three Cheese & Mushroom Gnocchi

Latina Three Cheese & Mushroom Gnocchi must be the most abhorrent Gnocchi we’ve tried, alongside no-frills Gnocchi in a can We’re sorry, but thi...


Are Nokia’s 2018 phones as good as they used to be?

The last Nokia phone I used was the Nokia 5110, simply an awesome phone. It had a blue cover when I purchased it, but I set out and spent $20 on a silver cover....

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Remedy Kombucha

Remedy Kombucha   Consumer Review The best Kombucha products that come in different flavours. I love the flavours. They are perfect for my pre and after wo...

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